Monday, December 21, 2009

Another end of trimester

As the rainy season approached,
indicating that 2nd trimester end...
a short trimester which having only 8 weeks of study...
plus another 1 week of final exam...

This is my 2nd last trimester of academic studying..
& coming trimester will be my last one..
then it's time for me to go for internship then graduate..
wondering that it is so fast..

Beginning of this trimester...
I'm taking 1 subject only this trimester + FYP...
feeling like this trimester have gone so smoothly...
enjoying the relax life all along this sem..

there was 6 tutorial assignments to be submitted..
2 midterm + 1 lab report & 1 final exam for this sem...
anyway i stil havin a hectic week that is final week of this trimester...
due to the xmas holiday, MMU bring forward 2 days for beginning of exam..
which is week 8 saturday...(thurs got cocu subj exam)

there is new session of "evening session" which is 8-10pm..
I'm so lucky that I have the chance to experience night exam..
it'll be very good for me so that I no need overnight study for this..
well, I don't study much anyway..

A hectic week...
Thurs was my FYP Part 1 presentation...
I've rushed out my presentation slides on tues morning for checkin purpose by my supervisor...
after checkin & minor changes..I've no mood to study due to awaiting presentation..
well, thurs morning was my presentation..
afternoon was my assignment submission..
evening was my 2nd midterm test for the subj...

in the end..
my presentation was smoothly done well..
my assignment finally have been rushed out on the spot tutorial session..
& finally my 2nd midterm test gone terrible~~~ >.<
lack of studying..& it make a tribute to my final exam..

I'm so disappointed of my 2nd midterm..
so I'm very remember all the equation that I've make mistake...
& coz of this, I've done well for my final exam paper..
it relieved me after final exam...
due to the preparation time for exam is quite short & it gone so fast..
I cant really feel the exam mood was with me..
& just finish like this...HAHA...I should be vy happy...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Robotics Challenge Week (RCW) 2009

Let's JOIN & WiTness this GREAT EVENT brought to you by MMU Robotics Club~!!
There will be Robot EXTRAVAGANZA held in Main Hall of Multimedia University on 10-12 JULY 2009!!
Do you ever saw/touch/build a robot?
If yes, do you ever saw a robot fight with each other using their own weapon??
If yes, do you ever participate in any of the Combat Robot Competition??
Here we go the MAIN event of RCW is our COMBAT ROBOT Competition~!!
You still DON'T KNOW what is combat robot?!
You can get the ANSWER by simply type "Combat Robot" in YouTube & you'll understand it..
What are you still waiting for?? Let's watch this popular YOUNGSTER'S games nowadays & LEARN how to make one. It's totally INTERESTING & COOL if you can make 1 in future.

There's other robot competition such as Line Following Robot Competition & Sumo Robot Competition & Robot Soccer Competition as well. Well, easy for me & easy for you, same method you may use to know what is Line Following Robot & Sumo Robot by searching in YouTube. It can be consider a more simple robot compare to combat robot. Well, these are the games for those BEGINNER in Robot Building like ME~!! ^^
Remember, give yourself a CHANCE, you can start experience it by joining these competitions...

Beside all these FASCINATING robot competitions, there are dazzling ROBOTICS EXHIBITION such as students' Final Year Project a.k.a FYP , "high-tech" Robots Display & lots of INFORMATION corner which related from History of Robot/Robotics to the Current World of Robot/Robotics Technology. To let you have a better understanding on Robot or Robotics~

You are non-engineering student?? Well, we prepared you some easy to play "Mini Competitions". Give us a chance to let you experience the EXCITEMENT of Robot WORLD~!! There will be GIFT given to the winner too~! Remember DON'T MISS OUT this event. There are LOTSA Fun waiting you to TRYOUT~!! If there are 100 steps toward Robotics World, what you need to do is just take 1 STEP FORWARD, we will GUIDE you all along the rest of 99 STEPS!!

Do you BORED with 8051? Or do you know there are other MICROPROCESSORS other than 8051 that taught in academic?? Well, here we introduce you PIC MICROCONTROLLER. Want to know more about it?? Come join "PIC Microcontroller" seminar talk which organized by our MAIN Sponsor/CO-organizer - CYTRON TECHNOLOGIES !! We provide you 2nd choice of microcontroller when you are doing your FYP~!!

Other than all of these, we still have live demonstrations of ROBOTS by our exhibitors & MMU ROBOCON Team Members. Their creation, their hardwork & their products, everything is shared in RCW 2009 at MAIN HALL during this 3 days~!! There will be several workshops too to let you have a hand-on experience on the spot during RCW 2009 !! Why not give it a try?

Any enquiries, you may contact :

Tang Kheng Leong - 016-4315097

Sponsorship & Marketing
Lim Yih Ying - 019-6685875

Asst. Sponsorship & Marketing
Choong Bing Hung - 012-7316713

Chong Jian Sheng (Jahnson) - 017-6370278

Email :
Website :

Organizer : MMU Robotics Club
Main Sponsor/Co-organizer - Cytron Technologies

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Week 14 !!

final exam reaching soon...
1st paper on thursday...
9 days to go...
progress 0 %.. >.<

monday finally built robot arm..
our group's robot arm (this photo still lack of gripper)..
though the gripper was just a fake 1..
just for showing purpose..

Last Saturday went MetalTech 2009...
it's an engineering event...
more on business purpose...
gained a lot extra knowledge about the engineering world outside campus...
the real engineer's product...
too bad camera was prohibited...
so no camera...
there were lots of gigantic machines, of course smaller machines too...
a lot of engineering parts...
a lot of different CAD/CAM tool...(i tot juz got CATIA, Solidworks & AutoCAD)
meet up with a Cheras' friend after that...
had a dinner at Gasoline Cafe...
somewhere around hulu langat (4gt called wat d...)
the service was very de good~
I only can finish my dinner after 4 hours at there.. >.<

just now just wake up...
saw my friend's MSN pm..
I felt anxious when seeing this...
quickly login MMLS & noticed that coursework marks for EngSoc subject has released...
thx God that I got my "numbering" result...
according to the announcement...
seems like there were many groups that got 0 for either report or report presentation...

now, finally all my assignment have been done...
5 subjects 5 assignment...
it's time back to study...
other than study...most of my time was in facebook nowadays.. =p
Melaka's weather is damn goooooooddd everyday...
you can have free sauna in everywhere in Melaka...
due to this reason, I need to find somewhere air-cond to study...
where else?? aha...nt library nt campus...only...

well...hereby wish all MMU-ians...
Good Luck for final exam~!!

p/s : sorry for late replyin message in ym or msn...due to nt always at home now... ^^

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wasted day

final exam coming in less than 2 weeks...
robot arm project due next monday...
progress 0%..

finished a RPG game finally after quite a long time of playing...
doing nothing the rest of the day...
conclusion == wasted a day...

Friday, May 1, 2009

replacement class

omg!! it's almost 8pm..
my replacement class for numerical..!!
i skipped tuesday class..
rush rush rush...
went for dinner around 7.45pm..
of course it was late after dinner & stopped at CLC..
oh gosh~!! my class at FBL..
walking really fast toward studio A..

eh~!! how come no people geh??!!
"yo~! numerical got class o not??!!"
"bro..beh finished teaching edi lah~!!"
day end...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Reviving my blog
Reviving myself
Reviving my life
Reviving everything

Saturday, March 7, 2009

weight's red light

recently start to not attending tkd training..
this week is week 5..
week 2, 3 & this week i've not attended club training..
1st time my attendance so less this sem since I enter MMU...
now even less than 50% (can get academic bar...lolx~)
hell, I'll grow horizontally soon if continue doin so.. >.<

last night had dinner with my tkd senior..
dunno whether it's a joke or wat..
being told that it's normal having this phenomenon in this period (final year)
maybe this symptom implant earlier..
but then most of the time I didn't mean to skip..
due to meetings, classes & etc...
waiting to go again..hehe..need exercise to maintain body..

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tag by Dani

Rules : Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer.

1. I am
I am Legend...hehe

2. I really want to go to
I love nature..

3. My favorite place
I reli lov it~

4. My favorite things
tam cha~

5. My favorite drinks
Do I?

6. My favorite foods

7. My favorite colors
Black & Blue~

8. I was born in

9. I live in
secret place

10. My school
I hope I'll be studying here~

11. My favorite story
What story is in here??

12. My hobby
everything is just using photoshop~

13. I wish I am
Freedom~free from stress

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 5

Actually I'm supposed to do the tag now...
However, I found some difficulties in completing the tag & my eyes closing soon...
DOn't Care edi..wahaha..

Last weekend I went work as part time...
Some kind of logistic work... (kuli)
Have to carry this & carry that...
Well, the boss not so sux compared to other boss/supervisor that I've worked for..
The crazy thing happened is the boss thought I'm Intel Quad Core.. =.=
Can process/work many things at the same time...
Doing this stuff scold other stuff..
Doing other stuff scold another..

This only happened during peak hour..
So, I also lazy want blame anything..
Just see some friends blamed a lot for working there..
Well maybe they're 1st time..
Never work for other boss yet..haha..
It's not my business either..
As long money go into my pocket..wuahaha

A lot assignments to go :
-Industrial Management
-Robotics & Automation - Robot Arm
-Numerical Analysis
-Engineer & Society
-Backdrop design for friend

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week 4

Thx God bringing rainy day to the desert Malacca...
High atmosphere temperature has made us like living in sauna room..
Well, raining day solved all these problems...

The next problem coming -- assignment + proposal..
The "things" to be done tomorrow :
- Engineer & Society Project Proposal
- Numerical Assignment
- Jogathon (MMU Olympic)

This weekend will be working at MITC...
Earning some pocket money...yeah~!
9-9..gonna miss photo session for RC on Sunday.. T.T

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Half an hour more to end this "special day" for couples..
Well, i'm single, it's nothing much special for me..
But, this year something make my V-day so specialll...
Diarrhoea have accompanied me celebrating this special day... >.<

The moment of 12am of this special day..
I've been asked to play badminton with my housemate & his friends..
It's a good game, it makes me vomit after finished due to sickness..
4am start to sleep..
Then the rest of time is just diarrhoea-ing & sleeping..
It makes me so damn tired whole day & that's why I'm sleeping all the time..
When I wake up?? I just wake up only - It's 1130pm
Exclude the time I'm "d...", I've slept for 19 hours & half..
Well, this is how my V-day alike...

Happy V-day for my friends...

Friday, February 13, 2009

2nd week

Last 2 days was celebrating XiaoHui's birthday during dinner time..
The moments before that, to our surprised she's free for dinner..
Thought she'll be pretty busy whole night..
After dinner we celebrated in Secret Recipe..
We ordered Tiramisu & Moist Choc..(3 ppl eating..)

Well, my great yesterday caused by this..
On that night my stomach started not feeling well..
& then on yesterday, diarrhoea for whole afternoon..
After 8am class then I didn't attend class on 12pm..
I nvr have my breakfast or lunch or dinner..
Wonder is this the reason caused me stop diarrhoea in evening..
After taking medicine at night, I had supper with my friends..
Asam pedas at malay stall of pasar borong..
It's full of "curry water" & the fish is not fresh~
It's totally OMG!! The 1st meal for my day with such sux food... >.<

Actually for last few days I don't feel like blogging for some moments..
However, I'm blogging now..
It's due to a subject called Engineer & Society..
Which it's assignment need us to blog... ^^"
Well, the 1st blog need to introduce myself & I did it a moment ago...
In this sem, we required to post 10 blogs..
I hope it'll be easy for me...